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My Secret Exclusive Mask

Catalog number:
25 ml
Availability: In stock

- energising power for demanding skin

A luxurious mix of active substances for demanding skin with fluid and hydration basis connected with the application of a facial mask. It tightens the skin intensively and gives it a velvet look.  You can get the best results when using it together with My Secret products.

Active substances:

•  24 carat colloidal gold 
• Citrustem™  plant stem cells
•  Hyaluronic acid (2nd generation)
•  Hydrating and vitamin complex
•  Bisabolol, Panthenol


Use: put 20 ml of the solution into a bowl and then plunge the mask blank in for 2 minutes.
Then apply the mask (blank) on your skin, smooth down with your fingers or a brush. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes. Remove the mask and continue taking care of your skin using for example products from My Secret range (24K GOLD or BOTOPLATINUM).

The package contains:  25 ml / small bottle – a mix of active substances, 5 pieces / mask (blank - non-woven fabric).

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